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how fitblendr works
how fitblendr works

How fitblendr works

fitblendr combines different exercises together to create a unique workout. Some people call them routines or simply workouts. We call them "blends". The blend intensity can be easily adjusted to fit your experience level, capability, or mood.

fitblendr will adapt and learn your style based on the blends you create or complete. So the more you use fitblendr, the better it will get at blending the perfect workout for you.

You can start using fitblendr today two ways.

1. Take the premixed daily blend challenge

We create a new blend every day that combines most of our exercises together. When you, the daily challenge (aka today's blend) is ready to go. You simply select your blend intensity and select the green "Get Started" button. This will launch your workout.

After a brief (10 second) pause, the first exercise will be shown. Jump right in and start sweating! When there are 5 seconds left for the exercise, you will hear taps or ticks with each second as it counts down to zero. This marks the transition into a rest period or another exercises - depending on the blend.

This continues until you complete the blend. You can pause the blend at any time if you need a breather or need to gather additional equipment. You can also cancel if you want to stop. Note that if you pause you can resume where you left off. If you do cancel, all your progress is lost and is reset.

A new daily blend is generated every day. Once you complete the blend for the day, you cannot run through it again.

2. Create your own blend

You can create a blend at any time. Creating a blend is a great way to exercise on your own terms. And it only takes a few seconds to do!

  1. Go to the make a blend page.
  2. Next, select which areas you want the blend to focus on. You can select as many as you want, or even none at all
  3. Add your blending options. For example, you might want to use resistance bands or weights. Or perhaps you are in a bit of a rush and just want a quick 5 minute workout. You can select as many options as you want to add to your custom blend.
  4. When you are finished, click the blend button. Your custom blend will be mixed and created instantly. Get yourself ready and start your workout! (The workout will behave the same as the daily blend - except it will be your custom blend.)

Thirsty for more?

Perhaps you are interested in hearing more of our backstory or why you should try fitblendr (or still don't know if fitblendr is right for you). We invite you to check out a little moreabout us.