Fitness For Busy People

We created fitblendr as a totally FREE workout generator that fits your busy lifestyle by putting you in control of millions of unique and exciting custom workouts. We offer unique, easy to do exercise blends that are anything but routine that are designed to get you a GREAT workout so you can get on with your day.

  • Designed for busy working adults who don't have time for gym or home workout routines
  • It's 100% FREE - no cost or credit card needed
  • NO long term commitment
  • NO lengthy signup process
  • NO B.S. interview questions about your goals, weight, nutrition, etc.
  • You can start TODAY by doing to daily blend below, OR you can customize your own workout

It's never been easier to get in shape and feel great - even if you are busy.

Daily fitness challenge for Sunday, May 28th

Adjust your level:

Your total workout time will be about minutes and seconds

Warmup(30 seconds each)

1 Warmup

About 30 seconds each


2 Exercise

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