Your body craves change.

As you exercise or work out more, it's natural to become bored with a routine or set of exercises. When this happens, you exercise less. You aren't challenged anymore. The routine becomes dull and, well, routine.

And guess what? You aren't the only one bored with the same boring exercises over and over again. As your body and muscles become used to your routine, they will adjust and you will start to see slower gains in the right direction.

Kind of depressing, isn't it?

Why you should give fitblendr a try

fitblendr is a new way of looking at exercising by removing the whole idea of a "routine". We give you a workout that is constantly changing to keep you and your body engaged. We call it "blending" - because much in the same way you would add ingredients to a blender, we create unique blends of exercises that combines what you crave daily.

Oh yeah, fitblendr is totally free - free of committment, free of judgment, and free of cost.

And we're constantly evolving with you, too. If you see something you don't like, or have a suggestion for us that you would like to see - we're all ears! Our mission is and will always be about you achieving your fitness goals. Drop us a line on one of our socials. Or if you prefer, you can always email us atfitblendr [at] fitblendr dot com.

Join us! We're making exercise time fun again.

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