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faqs about fitblendr and how it can help busy people like you
faqs about fitblendr and how it can help busy people like you

Frequently Asked Questions

A blend is a unique combination of exercises and warmups combined (or blended) together. Think of a blend like a workout. The difference is in how each were made. A workout is usually meant to be part of a routine (at least most are) or part of an exercise regimen. A blend is never part of a routine. It is a unique combination of exercises.

Head on over to the make a blend page. The first section of options are different exercise target areas, such as core, arms, lets, and so on. You can select any amount of these you want. Or you can select none of them (which is the same as clicking them all).

Next you can select whether you want to use weights or just your bodyweight. Perhaps you want to use resistance bands. Maybe you are in a hurry and only want to spend 5 minutes exercising. The choice is yours - you can select everything, nothing, or something in between.

And that's it. Press the blend button and in an instant, you will have your very own custom blend. If you want to start over, you can do that by pressing the start over button.

We recommend giving the daily challenge a try, even if you have to start at the lowest intensity. If you find that you do not have the equipment needed, or perhaps want to do something like a 5 minute resistance band or bodyweight blend, then head over to the make a blend page and give that a try.

No matter which you choose - when you are ready, smash the get started button and give the blend a try. You'll feel great afterwards.

Before you start a blend, we tell you whether you will need items like resistance bands or simple weights. But if you start a blend and find that you do not have, you can either pause the blend which will stop the timer and save your progress while you gather the correct equipment or simply rest and wait out the exercise. You can also cancel, but this will reset the blend completely. We are working on a feature where you can skip a specific exercise in a blend.

You will see two buttons during your workout - pause and cancel.

Pause will stop the timer and hold your place. You can use this to take an extended break if you need it, grab a drink, answer the phone, gather missing equipment such as weights, or pretty much anything else.

Cancel will stop the timer AND reset the blend completely. So if you choose to return to the blend, you will have to start over again at the start.

Safety first! If you find that an exercise is too challenging or the intensity of the blend is too much, you can simply take an extended rest during that part of the workout or blend. If the overall intensity is too much, ,you can cancel the workout and select a lower intensity and restart. We are working on a feature where you can skip an exercise for this reason.

Think of the daily blend as a daily challenge. Once you complete the challenge, you're done with it. However, if you're craving more. you can always head over to the custom blend page and make your own blend and still do that blend too within the same day. This way you can exercise multiple times per day if you want. For example, you might do the daily blend challenge and a 5 minute custom blend.

The daily blend resets after one day so we can present a new daily blend challenge. The blends you make (custom blends) reset after 1 day so you have the opportunity to make a new custom blend and can continue your fitness journey. We also reset to prevent you from overexerting yourself on too much of the same exercises. If you don't like this (or any other feature), please let us know by using one of the methods at the bottom of this page.

We can, if you'd like. After you complete your first blend (daily blend challenge or custom blend), you will have the option to save your progress under a screen name. Think about what you would like your screen name to be, enter it when prompted, and save. This will save your history or progress.

This is optional. You can always use fitblendr without saving any of your progress and simply skip creating a screen name. However, keeping track of your progress has many benefits. ftiblendr will get smarter and blend what you like meaning a better workout for you. You can also visually see your progression through your fitness journey.

If you are unsure how to do an exercise or warmup, simply select it from the list and a small details page will open that has a video demonstrating how to do the exercise or warmup. You can review and practice.

If you are in the middle of a blend or workout and forget how to do an exercise, pause the workout, close the workout window (press escape or the x in the top right of the screen) and watch the video. Then resume the workout by selecting the start workout button. As long as you hit the pause button, you will resume where you left off.

No. Warmups are an integral part of a blend. They help prevent injury by stretching and "warming up" your muscles. You should never do a blend cold without warmups. The blends are built with this in mind. That said, abbreviated custom blends like 5 minute blends do not have the full complement of warmups as a longer blend simply due to time. The intensity is automatically adjusted if this is the case.

Wow. Hate is a strong word. We prefer dislike. But routines are boring. And what's more, your body thinks so too. When you exercise as part of a routine, and become more familiar with it so does your body. So the gains that you make in terms of weight or muscle loss plateau as your body gets used to the routine and adjusts. You have to work harder to keep building your momentum.

With fitblendr, we remove the routine part of exercising and make it interesting. We keep your body engaged and constantly adapting. While it is true that some blends will obviously repeat exercises, mixing it up keeps things fresh and interesting.

We'd love to hear your feedback - whether it is a bug you found, a feature you'd like to see, or anything else. You can contact us on one of the socials at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you can also email us. Our email is at the bottom of this page as well.

This is a tough question, and one that everyone struggles with. Our approach to exercising is to provide a unique fun experience surrounding blending exercises that helps you look forward to exercising. We believe that it is easier to stay motivated and exercise if it is on your terms and tailored to you and your needs. Our daily challenges change everyday to keep things interesting. We hope that you will check back and feel motivation to give the new challenges a try.

We're also experimenting with creative and fun new ways to keep you engaged. So stay tuned.

We're constantly adding to our exercise library. If you think we need to add one (or five), let us know by contacting us using one of the links at the bottom of this page.

Something we missed? We invite you to contact us using one of the options at the bottom of this page!