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fitblendr custom exercise warmup with foam roller
fitblendr custom exercise warmup with foam roller

Daily fitness challenge for Monday, February 26th

The daily ftiblendr challenge is a new way to exercise and challenge your body. There is a new blend created everyday based on the exercises and warmups in our collection. The challenges come in different flavors and intensities and can be a fun way to promote fitness - even on your busy schedule.

Every daily challenge is unique - no two daily challenges are the same. You can share the daily challenge with your friends in the office or at home. By doing daily fitblendr challenges, you can achieve a more healthy lifestyle by making regular exercise and fitness a part of your daily life.

The daily challenge consists of a warmup phase, which has several warmup exercises you will do with a rest period in between. The length of each warmup exercise depends on what intensity you want to try out. Then, after a brief rest you will transition to the exercises, which are listed in order. You will do several sets of each exercise and have a rest period in between.

Everything Is Ready...Here's What To Do Next

First, pick your intensity. As the intensity increases, the reps and time for each exercise increases as well. Sometimes the daily challenge will include simple weights, like dumbbells. Grab them if you see they are required. When you are ready, hit the green "Get Started" button. And good luck!

Adjust your level:

Your total workout time will be about minutes and seconds

Warmup(30 seconds each)

1 Warmup

About 30 seconds each


2 Exercise